Robert Charnoff

NCSY is an amazing organization that supports so many Jews all over the world! Who wouldn't want to support it?!? And as the OU-JLIC Rabbi at Queens College I recognize the integral roll that we play as partners in the continued education of these students. So many of our participants in JLIC programs come fresh out of NCSY and if not for NCSY they would never have desired a relationship with Orthodox Judaism and JLIC Educators on campus in the first place. Support NCSY! They rock! And in terms of supporting NCSY study programs in Israel…I got engaged while I was an advisor on NCSY Kollel, so I think this is a great way to reminisce and give back!


  • Paulette Stein Meyer $50.00
  • Michelle Charnoff $18.00
  • Zisse Hanfling $5.00

NCSY's learn-a-thon celebrating 60 years
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